Diversity (Lacking) in Tech

Twitter, following in the same steps of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other big technology companies, published statistics regarding the diversity of their workforce. As I would have guessed (and have observed in real life), most tech companies are (disproportionately, relative to the ethnic makeup of the United States) comprised of White males, especially in technical fields. Across the board (at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo), only 1-2% of technical roles are filled by Black workers.
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AT&T U-Verse Pt. 1 - The Pre-Install

Sooo, I’m getting AT&T’s Uverse package installed at my house in two days and moving from Time Warner Cable. I am getting television and internet. I’d thought I’d document this process because I was looking for this same information online and was unable to really find a good article (I found a few) documenting the entire process. So with that said here we go. Note: AT&T U-Verse is a three-in-one IP solution for digital television, VoIP, and internet services.
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