More Contributions to Open Source

If you remember my story on my first two contributions to open source, I had begun implementing some enhancements in Crawler-Commons that would support an enhancement in the StormCrawler project. My changes to Crawler-Commons were accepted, merged, and a new version of the library, 1.1, was published with my enhancements (amongst many things). Now that the library was published, the dependency on it, in StormCrawler, was updated to use the latest release and I am now able to finish the enhancement in StormCrawler.
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My First Two Contributions to Open Source

I made my first two open source code contributions to other projects this month. I’ve put a bunch of my own creations into open source, but up until now, I’ve never contributed to other projects. It’s something that I’ve been striving to do since 2017. I’ve used open source libraries and frameworks to build software as a full-time software engineer and as part of my side projects. So I thought it was about time I give back. I’m 15 years into my software development career and have now made two contributions to other projects.
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