First things first, not familiar with Puppeteer? Those mundane or monotonous things you do on the web everyday, like pay bills, read articles, check your fantasy football rosters, look at graphs, charts, and dashboards….you can script that…easily. Get started here.

For the past year, I’ve been really really deep into Puppeteer. It all started at work. I prototyped and led a website archiving project at ArchiveSocial. A major piece of that system is built on Puppeteer. I have written a handful of scripts to get bank balances, to text my government representatives, and even shop for my groceries. I’ve given talks and have written about Getting Started with Puppeteer. The commonality among all of these projects is how much I’ve learned from other people documenting their experiences with Puppeteer.

Well today I am announcing The PuppetHero Digest. My mission for The PuppetHero Digest is to organize and curate news, articles, hacks, and tricks people are doing with Puppeteer. I want to send all of that straight to you via email, for free!

Head over to and sign up. The first issue will be published on October 16th, then every biweekly-ish after that.

You can also follow @Puppet_Hero on Twitter, if you’d like.